Friday, July 19, 2013

Jehnsen 2013-Part 2

Aunt Becky (and Uncle Brett) arrived to the lake a few days into our vacation and I took this picture about 30 seconds after they walked in the door. The babies flock to her!

Aunt Rae and Bellie on the tube.

Tubing wore Bellie right out because she got in the boat and took a nap.

We had a (several, actually) nice evening of fishing.

Uncle Brett and Bellie reading a ballerina story.

I love when she has pigtails in her hair.

Aunt Hezzie and her nieces.

Cousins are so much fun. (My niece is such a good sport!)

Time for a movie.

Time to get into trouble in the bathroom.

The kazoos were a big hit, especially for Bobby.

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