Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013

Celebrating the resurrection of Jesus this year was a lot of fun. We spent the majority of the weekend with our family and friends and it was great! Friday evening, as I sang songs like "Jesus loves me" to Isabelle as she was falling asleep (she requested "more Jesus" songs) I couldn't help but think of how much Jesus does love us. Pretty amazing.

3 of the 4 cousins attend the same church so I was able to capture them in their Easter outfits.

This picture cracks me up! Sweet babies first Easter.

On Friday, Bellie and I colored eggs and she put some of her Elmo stickers on them. Here she is making sure the water isn't too hot. The water was actually cold, but she must think any liquid in a coffee cup is hot.

The weather is starting to get warmer around here, so we spent some time outside playing with chalk.

Emery and Isabelle

Isabelle playing with Aunt Becky's purse.

The real reason she wanted Aunt Becky's purse was to get to her gum (or "dum" as Bellie calls it.) She knows exactly where it is.

Daddy and his girl

My little buddy

Before we leave the church house, Isabelle always stops by her grandpa's office to get a piece of candy. This week it was a sucker and she fell asleep with it in her mouth.

Little buddy fell asleep on our walk with Grandma. Poor buddy had a rough weekend because he was sick.

We had to get a few more pictures of the babies on their first Easter. Bobby was more interested in pulling Emery's ear and then standing up.

Bellie got a gigantic chocolate Easter egg from her Grandpa Larry. Her reaction is priceless! She is definitely her mother's child.

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