Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Cool Babes

Bellie loves her glasses that Uncle Jim and Aunt Lisa got for her awhile ago. I usually find her wearing them upside down, as this picture shows.

On this day she was pretending to leave. She grabbed her purse, waved and said "Bye, guys" and made sure to kiss Bobby on the cheek.

She loves her baby brother

These kids love their Daddy! (And not because he feeds them strawberries)

Still have work to do on the "be a lady" lessons

She climbed up in our bed and grabbed Bob's Bible. She sees him do this.

I bought her some Minnie Mouse panties for when we start to potty train her soon and she insisted on wearing all three pairs along with a pair of rubber pants. Goofy girl!

When Daddy gets home from work it's time to wrestle!

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