Friday, January 20, 2012

One Step at a Time, Sweet Isababy

Our delightful daughter still isn't walking yet, but she sure is on her way. She took a couple steps on Saturday night, January 14th. It was later in the evening and she was kind of fussy and just wanting to be held. Well, I would pick her up, then she would climb back down and cry to get back up in my lap. Her daddy was upstairs working on homework, so we had spent most of the day just the two of us hanging out in the family room. Since she couldn't make up her mind about whether she wanted up or down, I encouraged her to go play with her big pink Cinderella ball that her grandpa had gotten her for Christmas. She's such a smart girl, that she knows what I'm talking about when I ask her to go find her ball (elmo or paci too). She went over to the ball, stood up and it moved out in front of her just a bit. She was kind of in the corner of the room and so I was glad I just happened to have seen her take 2 steps toward the ball. I quickly called her daddy down to watch her, and she took a couple more steps so he could see, then clapped for herself while we were clapping for her. Yesterday, she took 4 steps and today I've seen her take 8. So, it won't be long! The cutest thing about it is that when we clap for her, she lays down on the floor, belly up and waits for us to come tickle her. It's so cute! (P.S. Sorry the video is sideways, but I'm amazed that it's even working at this point!)