Sunday, January 29, 2012

BCIII Birthday Weekend

Today is Bob's birthday, so we've been celebrating all weekend! For his birthday breakfast yesterday we had cheesecake pancakes. Baby sweetie loved them! For his birthday dinner we had bay scallops in a sweet and sour orange sauce along with fried potatoes. For his birthday dessert, his favorite--Georgie Porgie. Yum! Isabelle has been a daddy's girl all weekend. She came down with an ear infection and has had a fever since Friday. We've had her on an antibiotic and tylenol/ibuprofen. Hopefully, she'll start to feel better soon. On Sunday, I got to play the drums at 27 weeks pregnant! It was a lot of fun, but I was a little nervous. It all worked out though, and my baby boy would start kicking and moving around every time I stopped for a minute or so. I think he liked it! (ha!) I tend to be nostalgic, so it was very special to me to get to play drums (first time I met Bob was when I was trying out for the drummer position for worship band) on my husband's birthday with our little BCIV on the way, on the 34th anniversary of the day I was dedicated to the Lord. We went to lunch with some cool friends (shh! don't tell anyone) and  came home and relaxed and hung out with baby friend the rest of the day. It was a perfect weekend!

Poor guy had to help make his own birthday dinner! (With my cooking catastrophes this week, I figured this was the safest way to ensure it'd turn out!)

Georgie Porgie! MMmmm..

She had to be wherever he was!

Girl loves her mac and cheese..

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