Thursday, March 19, 2015


Last week we had new windows installed in our bedrooms upstairs! Our previous windows were in horrible shape, so it's a relief knowing that it's finally done! Since the window guys (or as Bobby called them "Daddy's brothers" were working upstairs, I didn't have a place to lay Ilya down for her nap. It took me awhile, but I finally got her to go to sleep on the couch. I laid her down and went and grabbed my huge camera (I miss my IPhone camera so much!) and in that short amount of time, she woke up again. I'm glad I at least caught a cute picture of her laying down for 2 seconds. Eighteen month olds don't typically stay still for that long.

Our kids aren't the best eaters. They prefer kid-friendly food and not weird stuff. (They have their mother's palate. Ha!) I made Bob a tart cherry pie one evening and Isabelle kept asking if she could have some. She asked if she could have some before bed. She asked if she could have some for breakfast. She asked if she could have some for a special treat if she stayed in her bed all night. I was really surprised she wanted some so badly. We also had some leftover raspberry Danish that a friend had given to us and Bobby wanted some of that. I had to take this picture because I couldn't believe they were eating this stuff! They loved it!

Speaking of Isabelle and eating.....yesterday Isabelle had her appointment for the Lactose Breath Test and meeting with the dietician. She is NOT lactose intolerant! The dietician also said that since she hasn't had any problems with stomach cramps and such since removing eggs from her diet, that there is no need to remove any more items from her diet at this time. (I don't think I mentioned on my blog that her blood work had revealed several moderate food allergies. In addition to the almond allergy revealed through a skin test, she's allergic to egg whites, wheat, corn, shrimp, dairy, peanuts, and sesame.) So, we are thrilled with that report!

As mentioned before, Ilya loves to climb. I thought it was so cute that she was looking at this little book. Goofy sweetie.

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