Tuesday, March 10, 2015

March Happenings..

My mom bought the kids their Easter outfits and I can hardly wait to see them wear them and get a nice family photo shoot done! We are ready for spring and green grass around here.

I searched for hours online for a cheap, modest yellow dress so that I could match the kids. I finally came across Rosewholesale.com and was very pleased with the selection and prices. I've never ordered clothes online before, so it was interesting. The dress was delivered internationally within 5 days and with shipping only cost $19. I still can't believe it.

I am trying out abcmouse.com for Isabelle and Bobby for free for 30 days. It's an educational website that supposedly is very helpful at teaching little ones how to read, etc. Bobby knows and recognizes the alphabet, but Isabelle does not. We don't get much past the letter B before she forgets it, so I have been a little worried. She is so good at memorizing songs, etc, but I'm not sure why she has a hard time with recognizing letters and numbers. She is loving the "school" lessons that she's been doing for the past few days. She asks me if she can do some more school when she finishes her lessons. It's kinda neat to watch her navigate through each activity. Bobby likes his lessons, too. They often sit together and help each other. I had to laugh when Bobby didn't want to take a break so he could use the potty chair. Instead he put it on the table. Good grief!

Last Wednesday I took Ilya to the doctor because she had had a runny nose for two weeks and she just wasn't kicking it. They checked her out and she also had an ear infection in her right ear. They prescribed an antibiotic for her and said to give it to her for 10 days. Monday afternoon, she woke up from her nap with a few spots on her cheeks. By this morning (Tuesday), she had 12 little pimple-like spots on her face and neck and a few in her mouth, but nothing on her hands and feet. I took her to the doctor this afternoon, and in the short amount of time she also was getting some on the bottom of her feet. So, she has hand, foot and mouth disease. She's been more fussy than normal and isn't sleeping well. Poor baby!

As for an update on Isabelle, some of her bloodwork came back and she has several food allergies. She has moderate allergies to egg whites, corn, wheat, dairy, shrimp, and sesame. She has a mild allergy to peanuts. These are all in addition to her almond allergy. She has a lactose breath test scheduled for the 18th and we will meet with a nutritionist that morning, too. For now, the GI specialist only wants us to cut out one item at a time from her diet. So, for the past two weeks, we have not been giving her eggs.

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