Monday, March 16, 2015


I was thinking today about the stages each of my children are in right now and I have to say that I think all three are in such different, but fun stages. There's just something extra special about each of them at this time in their lives and I want to remember these times as much as I can.

Isabelle is 4 and just delightful. She is getting so big and so easy to care for. She is such a big helper to me and she's just very sweet. She can be a pistol, too, but she has such a caring heart. She is so sweet with Ilya, and she's always wanting to comfort Bobby after he's gotten in trouble. She has a great imagination and I love to watch her play with her dolls. Anything can pass for a doll. Even a bag of flour! Here are a few sayings she's said recently:
  • Isabelle: Mommy, when  I grow up I can get married. Me: Oh yeah, who are you going to marry? Isabelle: I want to marry a prince like you did.
  • Isabelle: (pretending to talk on a calculator) Hello, Daddy? Mommy is sad. Can you bring her some skittles then her will be happy."
  • Isabelle: "Bobby, when I was a little boy I got to wore your shirt. Then I turned back into a little girl and I said 'Whew, I'm free!' and I got to wear my dress again."
Bobby is nearly 3 and is ALL boy. He loves to play roughly, wrestle, pound on his dad and grandpa, and his sisters and mom, too. He loves superheroes like Batman and Spiderman, likes playing with trucks, riding his motorcycle toy, and is just fun to watch. I took the kids out into the field behind our house the other day and he was running around like crazy, jumping in the mud and snow mixture, wrestling the tall blades of dead grass near the tree line (which he later picked a few and told me they were flowers for me), jumping off the fallen logs, he was a free little boy and I could hardly keep up with him. The girls wouldn't leave my side and were trying to avoid the mud, but Bobby was covered in it.  I like seeing Bobby be wild and crazy (ever read "Wild at Heart"?). He still does have a few fears which are pretty funny, really. He is scared of puppets, the theme song from Thomas and Friends and rap music let's hope that one stays. Here are a few of his funny sayings:
  • We are trying to teach Ilya new words. Isabelle: Ilya, can you say eggs? Bobby: Ilya, if you say Batman I'll share my skittles with you.
  • Bobby: Mommy, can you carry me upstairs? Me: Sure, I need my little boy! Bobby: I need my big mommy, too.
  • Me: Bobby, come here. Isabelle: He can't. He's in timeout. Me: Bobby, come here! Bobby: I can't. I'm in timeout. Aba's in charge!
  • Bobby: Thanks for holding my strawberry, Ilya. I'm so proud for you!
  • Bobby: Hey, Tiny. Bobby: Hey, Big Guns.
Ilya is 18 months old and learning new things daily. She likes to copy our words. If I count 1....2....she'll say 3. If I say ready....set....she'll say go. If I say'll say goose. She climbs on EVERYTHING. The dining room table is her favorite thing to climb on. She climbs on the shelves in the laundry room, the toy shelf in the living room. If Isabelle brings a chair into the kitchen, it doesn't take long for Ilya to climb on it and mess around with the microwave. Baby gates are our friends around here, because Ilya can climb the stairs (can't go back down them, though.) She has a sweet little laugh and a beautiful smile. She finally likes to hold Daddy's finger in the car. She loves baby dolls and teddy bears. She's a great eater. Here are a few of her favorite words.
  • Lucy
  • Daddy
  • Lucy
  • Mommy
  • Lucy
  • Bobby
  • Baba (bottle)
  • hi
  • Lucy
  • no-no
  • Bappa (grandpa)
  • E-ya (her name)
I'm so grateful to God that He created these little ones and placed them into our family. Bob and I love being parents to our little friends. Today, the older two have their first dental appointments, and we plan to spend a lot of time outside since the weather will be nearly 70 degrees. I must close for now though because Ilya is on the table making a mess and Isabelle and Bobby just dumped a whole bag of shredded wheat on the couch. Awesome.

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