Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Jehnsen Weekend

This past weekend our family went to deer camp to relax and spend time together. It's funny how even vacations feel like work when you have little ones. Unfortunately, Ilya and Bob were both sick with fevers and sore throats, etc. Besides a runny nose, Bobby was feeling alright.

This kid and his love for sunglasses...

The kids and Daddy reading a story before bedtime. 

They both did great sleeping in their own beds. Bobby fell out of bed each night, but apparently that was no big deal. He never cried or even woke up. One morning they were playing and Bellie was pretending to feed him the doll's bottle. 

Heading to the boat. I love seeing them run after their dad. I'm looking forward to seeing Ilya join them in a few months. 

Ilya isn't much of a fan of the life vest. She also didn't quite like riding in the pack and play out to the fishing spot. She sure is cute though. 

These two joined her for a little while. For a few minutes they all played quietly together!

Another way to keep kids quiet on a boat ..... Feed them. 

Ilya's fever ranged between 101 and 103 so she had to miss out on all the fun. 

A picture from last year. 

Ilya was a little fussy when we went to town one evening and Isabelle did a great job of talking to her and distracting her. I loved seeing them hold hands. 

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