Monday, June 16, 2014


My kids happen to love adding accessories to their clothes. Last week, Bellie wore her brother's tie for a few days.

Bobby wore his dad's hunting hat for a few days. 

I have been looking to get a wagon for several months now, but they're so expensive. My brother happened to come across this one for free! It is perfect for us and such a blessing from God!

I've been working on potty training Bobby. He gets special treats when he's successful. Isabelle also gets a special treat when he goes, since Bobby got treats when she was being potty trained. So, these two have been eating a lot of ice cream. 

Bellie playing with her windmill toy. Love how excited she was to see it spin. 

Ilya cut her two bottom teeth in the past ten days. She's close to crawling, too. It cracks me up, though, how she uses her head to lift herself up off the ground. 

I love being able to compare pictures of the girls when they're wearing the same outfits. Isabelle was 8 months old in this picture, and Ilya is 9 months. A lot of people say Ilya looks more like Bobby than Isabelle. 

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