Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Snow Power

Baby Ilya is getting bigger (and cuter) every day! She is smiling a lot more. 

This baby LOVES being swaddled. She is fussy if she isn't wrapped tightly enough. 

The dog always watches the kids through the window and they watch her, too. 

Looks like she needed coffee. 

It snowed for the first time this fall. One liked it more than the other. 

Watching the Spartans play Kentucky. The kids kept climbing on laps until they found the perfect one to sleep on. 

Grandpa won. 

Silly buddies holding hands in their car seats. 

I hosted a girls' night/thirty-one party and Emery had to try out the durability of the bag. 

Bellie and Bobby have had hand, foot and mouth disease for over a week now. It's been a long week. (We also lost power at our house Sunday and it's estimated that it'll be back on Friday night at 11pm. Thank God for living close to family!)

Bob got a buck on our land!

Buddy didn't want a hug!

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