Sunday, November 10, 2013


Aunt Beck gave the babies their first bath as a group of three! 

Love these little sisters. 

Emery and Bobby playing with balloons. 

Grandma set up a tent for the babies to play in. 

She had help. 

Aunt Baby Whisperer. 

Nap-time shenanigans. 

Popcorn. (This would be the story from my previous post.)

Relaxing before bedtime. 

Crayola marker lipstick

She fell asleep waiting for lunch. I had just folded laundry and she grabbed the socks and made herself a pillow. 

She's getting bigger every day!

Ilya and her cousin J.J.  He's seven weeks younger and already bigger! (She is 10 weeks and he is 3 weeks in this photo.)

Playing at Granny's house. 

Sweet buddy. 

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