Friday, November 8, 2013

Adventures in Potty Training

The past two months have been a whirlwind of fun in our family. I have yet to figure out how to properly manage time with three babies. Out of the 86 events or so that we had planned, I was late to approximately 86 of them. Out of the 60 days I attempted to clean my entire house, I've only been successful once. No, scratch that...I only got through 92% of it.

Doggone it. 

I realized that anyone who struggles with being a control freak should just have children. Specifically 3 under 3. I said goodbye to control this month.  It is sorely missed.

Nah, it's not. 

Isabelle is doing great with potty training. It surprises me that she is doing so well actually. Thank you, Rae Rae, for introducing chocolate chips!

 I wanted to jot down a few potty training stories so I can look back and remember this time fondly someday. I must be out of my mind juggling a newborn and potty training toddler, not to mention a 18 month old.

So, here are a few stories in no particular order and beware....the words "poop", "pee", and "farted" shall be used. 

  • Bellie sat on her potty chair one morning and grunted the words to "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" while pooping. 

  • We went to a Mom2Mom sale and Bellie started yelling "Iba go poop" very loudly in a crowd of a few hundred. After two trips to the bathroom and 5 minutes in the stall she yelled, "Iba poop at home!"

  • When she poops, she says "Iba go pooooooopppp?!?!?!" Her little voice squeaks that word out. 

  • One time she brought me her potty chair cup and told me it was a "bug one" (a.k.a. a big one). 

  • She always happens to bring me her poop at the most inconvenient time...such as when I'm making dinner, nursing the baby, taking a shower, or talking on the phone. 

  • While grocery shopping in Meijer, she had to go to the bathroom. As we were running there, she yelled out loudly "Iba farted!"

  • She now takes off her clothes several times throughout the day. Christina and her boys were over the other day and the kids were playing in the living room. All of a sudden she was running around naked. 

  • Today she helped me with the dishes and before I knew it she was naked and washing dishes. 
  • One afternoon, I gave the kids some popcorn in a bowl for a snack. A little while later, she brought me the bowl with pee in it.
  • A few times she has grabbed the cup from the potty chair and tried to hold it in between her legs to pee. (I've caught and stopped her in time!) A few days ago she grabbed a toy iron helmet at her grandparents house and did the same thing. (Again, stopped in time.)

It sure has been an adventure.

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