Monday, August 5, 2013

August Already?!

My cousin Kadyn and Bobby are a month apart. My uncle wanted to see which one would get a French fry first. I think Bobby won. 

Sunday evening we were relaxing. Bellie wanted to relax and hold our hands, too. She is hard to resist. 

My sweetie drinks alot of coffee. 

My baby sweetie likes her share of coffee, too. 

Cousin Emery came to play. 

I have about 20 garbage bags full of kids/baby clothes that I have to go through before Noble/Ilya arrives. He helped me get started on the sorting of it!

Last week, we hosted a baby shower for my sister-in-law. The babies were tired after a long day of shopping. 

Sneak peek of our center pieces for the baby shower. 

After the party, I pretty much collapsed on the couch from exhaustion and awful leg cramps. My niece read me a story though. It was a story on potty training. Goofy girl!

We also went to a wedding over the weekend that happened to be 5 miles away from my old house in the Detroit area. 

My niece and her dad. 

This week is the kids Bible School at our church. Little buddy was tired since he'd gotten up at 6am. 

Bellie's class played outside. 

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