Monday, August 19, 2013

Laundry and Garage Sale Week

This past week nesting hit me hard. I decided to wash and sort all my baby clothes so that I could be as organized for the next baby (and season) as possible. We had stored a lot of these clothes on our front porch and unfortunately there was a leak in our roof which lead to a huge moldy mess. This was a huge task, but it is almost complete. 

The babies entertained themselves. 

After about 8 hours of nonstop sorting, my FIL dropped off a girl from church who also lives nearby to help me with the babies for a little while. What a huge blessing!! She even helped me sort clothes! 

Thursday through Saturday we had our first garage sale. My sisters, MIL and Granny all had things to add to the sale. I've never had a garage sale at my house so I wasn't quite prepared for the time and effort it takes to run these things. We were exhausted by Saturday. 

I had to get a picture of the old vehicle in the driveway. 

This gentleman commented on how nice the house looks now with the front porch gone. He said we -and by we, I mean Bob- had done a great job making the house look better. I thought it was a neat complement from an older gentleman. Speaking of gentlemen, one surprising thing about our sale was that most of our customers were older men. Perhaps 20% were women and maybe fewer than 5 were moms with young kids at home. I met a lot of our neighbors. Several asked about our property and each seemed to have stories about the history of the house and its previous owners. One man told me stories of hunting on our property 50 years ago, another lady told me about how the owners would hoard things and you couldn't see through the windows because of the junk. Another man mentioned that the previous owner was "tighter than bark on a tree" and really hard on his wife, who was a very hard worker. It was really interesting to hear their stories. 

I managed to put together a few totes of baby clothing to sell. We were very busy on Thursday and Friday, but only 3 clothing items were sold. On Saturday as I was setting up, I felt prompted by God to give away the clothes for free. (I have been so blessed with free clothing!) I put an ad on Craigslist and my SIL put a note on Facebook and it wasn't long before a couple from Journey Life Church in Holt came and cleared out the clothing. They said they had gotten an email last week from a team from their church heading on a mission trip overseas looking for donations for clothing for an orphanage they plan to visit. They also said they would use some of the clothes for their unwed mothers ministry. I couldn't help but be grateful to God for His blessings. I love how He takes care of all of his children. 

Becky and I had been busy talking with customers and organizing tables when we heard Isabelle shout "I potty chair". We both looked over to see her like this..

She actually had used it! I was trying to sell it to save some space in our bathroom since I have an insert toilet trainer thing. She used it three more times during the sale, so guess I need to keep it. 

The kids had a lot of fun exploring the items that we were selling.  

Big girl. 

This guy was looking through the box of toys I was selling and Isabelle was keeping an eye on him with her arms crossed. It was funny!

Our first sale was mostly a success. Ten more days until baby three arrives. Nesting week two begins tomorrow. Lord, help me. 

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