Thursday, December 13, 2012


In May of this year, we started praying about moving our family to the Lansing area so that we could be closer to our families. After several months of interviews, God gave Bob the perfect job and we moved into a home that my Mom and her husband own in Lansing. We met with our realtors to discuss putting our house on the market. After talking with them, we were somewhat discouraged because they didn't think we'd be able to sell it in this market, and not only that, but they didn't think we'd even get any showings. They advised us that we'd probably have to do a short sale at some point, but we decided to go ahead and try to just sell it because that's what we had been praying for. For a few weeks prior to putting it on the market, I had been asking our Tuesday morning women's prayer group to pray with me that we'd not have to do a short sale, and that it would sell.

Anything works as a highchair when you're moving!

Bellie playing in her room for the last time
We put our house on the market on Friday, the 1st of November. Saturday morning we headed there to do some cleaning, and when we got there, there was a business card on our buffet. We kinda were surprised because we knew that meant there had been a showing!! We were so excited! I told Bob it felt like we had just sold it! HA! So, we started to pull things apart at the house to get it cleaned and we got a phone call from our realtor that we had two more showings lined in twenty minutes and another in 2 hours! We were stunned, but thrilled! So, we quickly had to try to get things picked back up and get the kids loaded and get outta there.

Helping Mommy pack

Fun in a box

Sharing her Mac-n-cheese
On Tuesday morning, after SIX showings, we received an offer on our house! Praise God! The house appraised and we close on the deal this Friday. We are so grateful to God for the ways in which He has taken care of us, even down to the small details! We never could have done this on our own, so it's been neat to see just how much He's doing in our lives. We love Him!
We are loving being in the Lansing area and close to our families and back at Cedar Street Church. It's truly a great time for our family!

The cupboard is the new bed. "I yight yight"
We are all moved out now, and I am almost finished with getting things settled into our rental home. We have lots of furniture and things in small spaces, so it's a bit crowded here. However, we'll take it, because we're so blessed to have this place to live in.

Bellie's room. I loved decorating her nursery while I was pregnant with her!

Bobby's room. I loved this room, too!

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