Monday, November 26, 2012


Bobby and Bellie went to their first Spartan basketball game! My brother-in-law's cousin plays for Louisiana and he gave us tickets to the game. We were seated in the front row and the kids made it on the big screen a few times and Bellie got a high five from Sparty! It was a fun time! It happened to be around 29 degrees outside and I forgot to bring a coat for Bobby! Dang me! Thankfully, his cousin Emery let him borrow her extra snowsuit. Yep, it was pink!
On our way back to the vehicle after the game, we made a quick stop so Bellie could feed the ducks with Aunt Rae.

Bellie and Mr. Thomas

Baby Emery

The Morrises

Bellie and Uncle James

My Brother-in-Law's cousin

Tired little Spartan fan, Emery

Aunt Rae with Bobby

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