Thursday, November 15, 2012

6 Months


Bobby is 6 months old! He is eating baby cereal now and will start on puréed veggies soon. He's 20 pounds and cut his first tooth on Veterans Day. He has been sick this past month with croup and a skin rash but seems to be on the mend now. He's rolling over a lot more and likes playing with his toys. He has such a cute little boy laugh and smiles a lot! He is growing tired of the bumbo, swing, and carseat. He likes to wiggle out of each of them so he has to be buckled and that is unacceptable! Ha! Boy knows what he wants! He loves to be carried in the backpack, so that's how alot of my housework gets done! I usually hear him snoring away! He typically is ready for bed by 7pm. Since he doesn't have a pacifier anymore, it's been interesting trying to figure out how to get him to sleep. I sing a lot to him now. He's such a blessing to our lives and we are loving each moment we have with this little boy!

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