Monday, October 29, 2012

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way

Today has been one day that I won't soon forget. Early in the afternoon, my MIL came over to watch the kids for me while I went to an appointment. When I got back, we packed up the kids and decided to make a fun afternoon out of it and headed to Beaners and a local Goodwill store.
On the way to Beaners, we were just chatting away and I admittedly wasn't paying much attention to my speed. Yep. You know what happens next. The first thing that came to mind as the police officer walked up to my car door was, "Oh great! It's a female! I'm toast!" I have been pulled over more than twice by females and usually it doesn't go well. Nor does it usually go well with male police officers either. Whomever told me that crying will get you off the hook straight up lied. Liars.
Anyways, back to the story. Madam Police Officer told me she pulled me over for going 44 in a 30 and asked to see all the necessary paperwork. As we were searching for my current proof of insurance, my MIL realized we had pulled into the parking lot of the church (building) where she first heard about and gave her life to Jesus in the early 1970's.
Not even 30 seconds after that realization, the police officer returned. She let me know that she noticed that I wasn't from the area and since I lived in Waterford, she wasn't going to give me a ticket for speeding. Holy cow. First, yes, I realize I should have corrected her and told her I am originally from the area, but I was too busy getting teary and thanking her for her kindness! Second, she was gone before I could say anything more. Third, it'd just be plain silly, right?!
Off we headed to Beaners just amazed at the things that had taken place. As we talked more about it and how grateful we were to God, my MIL mentioned how she had always wanted to stop in to that church and just say thank you for telling her about Jesus and maybe get the address for the youth pastor from back then so she could write him a note, and maybe even get the name of the girl who had invited her.
So we did just that and it was terrific! We met the current pastor and he showed us pictures of the youth group from the 1970's and mentioned that the church will soon celebrate 100 years of service, so he enjoyed hearing my MIL's story and may ask for her to type up it for their celebration service bulletin or something.
It was really neat to see her be able to thank them. Even though they weren't the ones she had met 40 years ago, it was just cool to think about how amazing God is and how He orders our steps in such perfectly planned ways. Every single person who has given their life to Jesus has a different and unique story to tell. Besides that, anyone who has ever heard about Jesus has someone to thank.

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