Wednesday, October 24, 2012

5 months

Bobby is 5 and a half months old! Only a couple more weeks until he gets to start eating solids and learning to drink from a sippy cup! Only a couple more weeks until he likely cuts his first tooth and learns to sit up on his own. Only a couple more weeks until the risk of SIDS considerably decreases!! Whew!
For now though, I'm pleased with where he's at today and that God has given him to us!
•He isn't sleeping through the night at the moment. In fact, he wakes up quite a bit!
•He is wearing size 3 diapers, but I put him in 4's since that's what size his sister wears and we just buy one size.
•he's around 18lb 12oz and wears 6-9 months clothes, and even some 12 months.
•he isn't a fan of lying on his back, or even in a reclined position. He wants to be sitting up in his bumbo, the high chair, exersaucer, or Johnny jumper. He loves being held primarily.
•he's taking more of an interest in toys
•he enjoys the entertainment his sister provides.
He's such a sweet blessing from God!

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