Monday, August 28, 2017

Happy 4th Birthday, Ilya!

Happy Fourth Birthday, Ilya Sue!!!

You are such a lovely little girl. You are feisty, funny, and just plain fun.


 You say your favorite food is cake and McDonald's. HA! Your favorite color is red. Your favorite toy is your baby doll. You love shoes and often wear mismatched pairs. You had a pair of Spiderman sandals that you had outgrown a long time ago, but couldn't depart with. You finally love to wear dresses like your big sister. You are very opinionated about your outfits. You'd choose long pants and shirts every day during the hot summer if I'd let you.

You love to make people laugh. When taking these pictures, you kept saying you were five. I had to trick you to get you to hold up four fingers! (You did this last year, too.)

When I ask you what you want to be when you grow up you say you want to tell jokes like Bryan (the morning show guy on the radio) and a mom and grandma.  You're very sweet-natured and love taking care of your dolls and baby brother. Usually you play the grandma when you and your siblings play house.

We love you, little Illie Billie. We're so thankful God placed you in our care. Our prayer for you will always be that you grow to love Jesus more every day.

To see how much she's grown since her 2nd birthday, click here.

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