Friday, June 28, 2013

Sibling Love 2

In August of 2012, I wrote this post. At the time, Isabelle was about 19 months old and Bobby was almost 3 months old. Well, the bumbo seat found its way out of storage recently. It was so funny to watch Bobby crawl in and out of it and get frustrated because he's a little too chubby for it now! Although he was irritated, he still wanted to play with it. If I tried to take him out of it, he just got more mad and would cry. So, I did what any typical mom would do and grabbed the camera. My baby isn't so small anymore! :-(

I had to laugh because when he tried getting out of it, it wasn't so easy. It just went with him.

As expected, Bellie wanted her turn, too. This time though, Bobby wasn't as nice. Notice how he went right for pulling her hair!!!

Thankfully, a nice box from Aldi provided much more room for him and he was a happier camper..but..

.....then began round 2 of the fighting.

My baby's no longer that little. Sad.

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