Monday, April 27, 2015

Women's Conference and Other Stuff

This past weekend was our women's conference at church. The theme of the conference was about learning to have an authentic relationship with God. Late this winter, we had an 8 week study on a book written by Angela Thomas called "A Beautiful Offering". The conference was an extension of that study. My sister-in-law Becky did a great job teaching the women. The team worked really hard and everything went very well. We had a girls night on Friday night after the conclusion of the first session and it was a lot of fun. People bring different healthy and sweet treats and we vote for two winners. The food is always so delicious. We played games, did zumba, watched a movie and stayed the night. The pictures above were the only ones out of about 30 that turned out. UGH I miss my camera phone!

Bellie loves going through the mail when it comes. I had to laugh just listening to her talk to herself as she's looking at all the ads. She'd see a picture of something and just yell out in excitement. "CHIPS! POP! ICE CREAM!" I heard her say "Oh, that's lovely." She's funny.

Speaking of this little sweetie pie..sinner.

We're learning about always telling the truth, even when we might get into trouble.

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