Saturday, October 11, 2014

Fall Fun

Hard to believe it's October already. It's just starting to get cold outside so we've tried to squeeze in outdoor play time on the nice days as much as possible. 

We are loving that football is back! Bob sister Becky is a good sport and played with the toddlers while the game was on. 

Right around the time Isabelle stopped taking naps I decided to not make Bobby take them either. However, he usually can't stay awake all day and will lay himself down and fall asleep. This particular day he made himself comfortable in the middle of the living room floor. 

Little Miss loves getting into my make up.

Ilya hasn't started walking yet, but she is getting so close. She loves to stand on her own and will take a couple steps at a time but that's about it. 

I decided to implement a few "new" consequences for the kids when they are disobedient. They've gotten familiar with sitting on their beds and standing in the corner. I had to laugh at Bobby though. I said to put his nose in the corner. So, that's about all that made it. 

Silly kid loves taking his sister's headbands. 

Friday night our neighbor hosted a barbecue for the neighborhood. The kids had a great time mingling with the adults. Didn't take long for Bobby to go around and make dinosaur noises at everybody. 

Saturday morning Bob and the kids had a tea party.

I decided to bake some bread yesterday. Using the oven is a great way to warm up the house on these cold fall days without turning on the heat.

Hunting season is upon us. The kids loved petting the squirrel. Haha! Bobby is looking forward to eating it. He is his father's boy. 

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