Monday, April 28, 2014

Ilya is 8 Months!

Baby Ilya is 8 months old today. She has really been growing and her little personality is starting to develop. Here are a few things to remember about her.
  • She is probably 14 or 15 pounds. Her next doctor appointment is a month from now, so I don't have any specifics for this month.
  • She is rolling over all the time and is very close to sitting up on her own.
  • She still doesn't have any teeth.
  • She sleeps through the night mostly and wakes up around 6am for a bottle and then goes back to sleep for another hour or so.
  • She's wearing size 2 diapers and size 6-9 months clothes.
  • She catnaps during the day.
  • She is exclusively on formula
  • She loves watching her siblings
  • She is starting to be more interested in toys
  • She likes watching her hands.
  • She loves her pacifier. Often times she gets it stuck on her thumb.
  • She no longer needs to be swaddled when she sleeps, but she still likes her pink and white blanket that our neighbor had made for her. 
  • She's laughing and cooing alot more. She smiles all the time!
  • She tried eggs for the first time three days ago. I didn't introduce any other new foods this month. I've done differently in feeding her solids than I did with the first two. I give her cereal or carrots, etc a couple times a week. Now that she's 8 months old, I plan to give her solids more consistently and start to introduce finger foods slowly.

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