Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Disclaimer: If you are a male, don't waste your time reading this. It's a girly post and you will be bored.
I've had a problem with acne since I was a teenager. I tried every over-the-counter and prescription medication available to mankind. I thought I had oily skin because my acne was so bad. In my late twenties, somehow, it occurred to me that maybe my problem was actually dry skin.  I decided to stop using bar soap or any other cleanser to wash my face and just use water and moisturizer. I had never used moisturizer because I figured my skin had enough moisture, and it was causing the acne problem.  I was amazed at the huge difference it made to just use water and moisturizer. My skin was actually healing and the soreness I had for over ten years was starting to go away. I was stunned, and so thankful.

As you can imagine, I've tried all sorts of foundations and powders to try to cover up my embarrassing skin problem. About a year ago, I was reading a foundation review on "The Small Things" blog and she mentioned that she hadn't found a better foundation than Arbonne to cover up acne. Around that same time, a woman from my church approached me and said she noticed I had some problems with my skin and wanted to meet with me to do a skin consultation. She happened to be an Arbonne consultant! I met with her and tried several products and absolutely was thrilled by the coverage of their foundation. Since, then I have been using it, and it never caused me to break out, which was great, because all other foundations do. I've been using the translucent setting powder, too, and love it! 

I am currently entering the second trimester of my pregnancy. Thank God! During the first trimester, I had a terrible problem with acne. My skin had never been worse, even when I was a teenager. My hormones were going absolutely crazy. I would wake up in the morning and notice that it was spreading. I had probably 150+ pimples on my face and neck. If I put anything on it, it just itched and made it worse. My Arbonne consultant gave me a few products to try, and even those just burned against it. She kept researching for me, and emailed me this article. I ran to Aldi that evening and bought a container of greek yogurt. I lathered that stuff all over my face three times that week. Around that same time, my mother-in-law did some research, too, and found that Eucerin cream might help, too. With the combination of the greek yogurt and Eucerin, within a couple days my skin was looking and feeling so much better!
I wanted to write this post in case anyone has had the same kind of problems with their skin as I have had. I'm 36 years old, and have had to deal with this painful, embarrassing condition for more than 20 years now. Though my skin is still not perfect, these are products that have helped me tremendously and I wanted to share what has worked best for me. If you are interested in Arbonne, email me at carpentersthree@gmail.com and I will put you in touch with my consultant.

This is not a sponsored post. I truly am thrilled by Arbonne, Friendly Farms and Eucerin products and thankful to have come across them. All pics via Google Images

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