Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Week in Pictures

Bellie and Bobby have taken a real interest in their baby sister. I have to watch Bellie carefully because she likes to pick up the baby.

Reading with Daddy. 

My mom has been helping me in the evenings a couple times a week. Here she is with her two youngest grand girls. 

My dad has been helping me during the day. The kids are having lots of fun with him. I'm so thankful for our families who help us so much!

Like her Daddy. 

I laid Ilya on the couch and Bellie laid her baby on the other couch. 

Photoshoot of our baby girl. 

Gotta loves baby girl outfits!

Ilya's first trip to the music store with Aunt Becky. 

Sunday afternoon nap

Bellie's name game. 

Bobby "holding" Ilya (or as he calls her, Lala)

Watching Football. 

More playing with Grandpa and cousin Isaiah. 

Even Isaiah helped me vacuum. 

Love how they both were sleeping with their hands by their faces. 

Bellie went on a date with Grandma and was spoiled with LOTS of Dora gifts!! Here she is holding her new umbrella while waiting for breakfast. 

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