Monday, September 2, 2013

More Ilya Pictures

We are loving our newest little baby so much. She is just precious and so, so tiny. 

My brother, Jordan, brought Bob and me MSU gifts! He loves his nieces and nephews, all 6 of them. (7 come October). 

Sometimes third isn't a charm. My first two babies took to nursing quite easily. This time we've had some issues and it has been a little rough. Bob has had to finger feed her quite a bit. 

The carseat pretty much swallows her up!

Our hospital stay was probably the best we've experienced. The doctors, nurses, and staff were excellent. Even leaving the hospital was great. Typically hospitals have rules about how the mother leaves and who carries the baby and so on. This time they let me walk out and Bob carried the baby. The nurse carried my flowers. Ha! It was great. 

Isabelle and Ilya look so much alike!

I woke up with Bellie early Saturday morning. I loved watching her play and take care of Minnie Mouse, who got several naps that morning. 

Isabelle helped feed the baby. Notice how she held Bob's finger! Cute. 

The first time Bobby actually took notice of Ilya. 

Ilya's first trip to Walmart and our first trip with 3 kids. Bobby was actually naughty! He was mad because he wanted to hold any item we put in the cart. I wouldn't let him because I know he has a tendency to throw things and I was afraid he'd hit the baby. So, he hollered and screamed most of the time and would grab her carseat and shake it or grab her blanket off her. He was a handful!

This one had to be held the entire time! I may not be going to the store alone anytime soon!

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