Friday, September 27, 2013

Mall and Family Visits

It's hard to believe that a month ago Bobby was only crawling. Now he's walking all over the place and even climbing on stuff. He loves climbing over the back of the couch between it and the window. I think he would stay up there for hours if I'd let him.

Sweet little sisters. I'm so thankful to know that these two will grow up with each other. I didn't have a sister and always wished I did. (Sidenote: I have two adoptive sisters, but it isn't the same). 

Little buddy likes to take Ilya's blanket. I thought it was so cute how he took it and fell asleep with it.

On Monday, we went to the mall with Rae and Emery. The kids had a great time playing on the kids structures. Isabelle even made a little friend.

Afterwards, we went to Olga's for lunch. Bobby was so hungry he had a meltdown like I haven't seen before. I thought he was getting sick or something, but it turned out he was just hungry.

Bellie decided to try out her little playmate. She was drawing on paper and thought Ilya should too. It was funny to see Ilya grip the pen.

The kids fight over the baby swing every day. I brought down the mini swing to help resolve some of the fighting.

On Wednesday morning, my grandma and her husband came over to see the kids. It was a fun time. 

Can you tell we are potty training around here?

Wednesday night, my youngest brother came over to see Ilya. Isabelle and Bobby had fun playing with him, too. 

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