Saturday, September 21, 2013

Doctor Visits

We finally found a great pediatrician now that we've been back "home" for 11 months. The kids had their first checkup yesterday. Bellie weighed 27.1lbs (at 32 months) and Bobby weighed 25.9lbs (at 16 months). Bobby is quite a bit behind on his vaccination so he got 4 shots and needs 4 more next month to catch up. Bellie only had 1 shot and both got the flu vaccine. I was glad to get them checked and thankful that they are both healthy. The doctor did mention she heard a slight murmur in Bellie's heart, but that's common in 50% of children. 

After our appointment, we headed to Bob's parents house. Bellie picked apples to give to the horses. 

Bobby wanted in on the apple action. 

Dad had chocolate on his sleeve and Bellie kept licking it! That's my girl. 

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