Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Little Nose Picker

We heard about a wonderful invention called the "Snot Sucker" a few months ago and went ahead and purchased one of those things. Apparently, Bellie has picked up on how it's used. In these pictures, she takes the mouthpiece of it and attempts to clean out some noses.

At least she's supportive, right?

She loves to take the cushions off the couch. I thought it was quite funny how she took Elmo for a walk on it. She even styled her own hair. I am now trying to break the habit of taking cushions off the couch. It used to be cute. Now, it's just a pain.

She keeps making sure Elmo is in her pictures.

Here she is "putting on" her dad's deodorant.

Frank brought us over his leftover birthday cake, and she cried and cried until she got a first and second piece of "day-day" cake. I tried to bribe her with "if you go pee in the potty you can have some birthday cake." Now she just thinks if she sits on the toilet she'll get birthday cake. Where do I come up with these brilliant ideas?! Here she is begging for a third piece (which altogether equaled the size of half a piece for me.) Sad to say I had to throw that thing away because of the temper tantrums it was causing. I almost had to join in on the tantrum because it ended up in the trash prematurely! A toddler shouldn't come between a pregnant woman and her cake.

The babies in another one of their play areas. The hallway outside our bedrooms and bathroom.

You'll notice she posed Elmo.

Sometimes her pants fall down. On this day, it didn't stop her from playing catch.

She cried big tears because she wanted her little pink wagon to sit on her lap. I finally convinced her to just hold the handle. She did.

My sweetie brought me a treat. These chips weren't very good. However, I ate the whole bag. I just couldn't stop.

Bellie is playing with a doll cradle that my great grandparents made for my grandma in the 1930's. Pretty cool! It's going on the shelf so it doesn't break.

Our neighbor told us that his wife has a habit of caring for stray cats and taking them to the vet to get fixed since it's free. I like cats. However, when there are about 10 always roaming around your yard, climbing on your car, and tearing up your garbage bag that is inside your back porch via the bottom of the screen door, I may have to change my opinion on cats.

 Both babies had fevers today. Bellie's was 103.2 and Bobby's 102.8. I have a feeling it could be a long night and a trip to the doctor may be in our near future. Pray for my sweeties!

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