Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Johnny Jumpin' Hallelujah

When Bellie was a baby, she didn't much care for the Johnny Jumper. She would only stay in there a few minutes (less than 3) before she would start crying and wanting outta that sucker! These pictures don't reflect that, but trust me, she didn't last long in it. Here she is at 6 months visiting our family in Ohio. Clearly her love for dogs must've started here!

Now that Bobby is holding himself up well enough for it, I've been putting him in it from time to time so I can get our bedrooms cleaned or get myself around for the day. I figured it wouldn't be long until his sister wanted her turn in it again. Well, now that she's bigger, she has a LOT more fun in it.

Not only does she have fun, but she makes sure her little brother does, too

Perhaps my favorite part of this story though is it's tendency to do this to both of them.

To that, this Mama says Johnny Jumpin' Hallelujah!!

1 comment:

  1. So funny! Who knew johnny jump-ups had such power? Your kids just love to be bounced to sleep.