Friday, August 24, 2012

Welcome Joshua!

Friday night, August 17, my sister-in-law gave birth to a little boy named Joshua John. It was really special to be there to witness the birth of my nephew. As I was headed to Lansing on Friday evening I got a text that Amanda was in labor. Thankfully I had brought some frozen milk for the baby so that my in-laws could watch the kids while I went to the hospital. When I got to the hospital around 7 PM, Amanda was dilated to seven. I thought she had an epidural because she was very calm and quiet and didn't seem like she was in any pain. But it that point she didn't have an epidural. A few minutes later they gave her the epidural and she started to have some issues with her heart beat. She went into what's called SVT where her heart started beating very rapidly. On top of that she was having issues with asthma. The doctors decided to bring her to the cardiac intensive care unit portion of the hospital to deliver the baby there. Around 10 PM things had calmed down she was back in stable condition, so they decided to break her water. 10 minutes later she was complete and ready to get that baby out. Eight minutes after that baby Joshua was born. It was a very special event and one that I won't forget. I'm so glad my parents and brother Jordan could be there, too..

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