Friday, August 24, 2012

Welcome Emery!

      On Tuesday, August 21, my sister-in-law Rachel and her husband Ivan welcomed a brand-new baby girl, whom they named Emery Elizabeth. Emery was born at 3:36 PM and her gender was a surprise to all of us. Though I knew the gender of both of my babies while being pregnant, I've got to say that this one was pretty fun. The grandmas, aunts and uncle and I waited anxiously in the hall for Ivan to come out and tell us that she was a girl. Unfortunately, the pediatrician came out prior to Ivan and broke the news to us first. Not cool! But, here's the moment that Ivan came out.

Baby Emery had some minor breathing issues after she was born, so it took a few hours for her to join her mama in the hospital room.

Here's the moment when she finally got to come see her mama!

Here are a few pictures of sweet baby Emery and all the events that happened on her birthday.


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  1. Sweet little girl born into an extraordinary little family. Stellar coverage by her amazing Aunt Melissa. Good one!