Wednesday, June 6, 2012


 Isabelle has been quite the "sprite" lately, as her Daddy says. There have been several things that she has done that have made us just laugh. She is really at an age that we are just loving. She's just delightful (mostly!) to be around. I wanted to list a couple things so that I can look back later.
  • She loves to kiss EVERYTHING right now! Not only does she love kissing her brother, but she also loves to kiss bathwater, end tables, oatmeal on a spoon, my hair, Aunt Rae's calzone, her high chair tray and so much more. Look at this cute little fishy face kisser..who can resist her?!

  • She loves to hide. She runs from the buffet table to behind the living room chair and waits for us to ask "Where's Isabelle?", then runs out.
  • She's climbing on furniture and getting into everything. She climbs onto the end tables, her toys, couches, everything. She likes to go up and down the stairs a thousand times a day. Yesterday, she stood up on the chair and when I got up to get her down she spanked her own butt. 

  • She loves to push the button on the baby swing that turns on music, then she runs to her dad and raises her hands to be picked up because she wants to dance with him. Precious! I'm not sure who enjoys it more.
  • When the baby "fills his pants" she says "eew" and waves her hand to the side of her face (supposed to be in front of her nose).
  • She likes to fake cry and laugh. Goofy girl.
  • She likes put her head down and give a funny look with her eyes
There are so many other cute things she's doing right now. What a treasure she is!

Bob's Fathers Day cards!

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  1. Definitely my favorite post yet...What a precious little sweet girl!