Wednesday, November 2, 2011


For some odd reason, this year I have been somewhat excited for Halloween. It's been many years since I really looked forward to this holiday. Last year I was in charge of our Halloween party at church. I had so much fun doing it last year, although it was stressful and I was 6 months pregnant, so this year I decided to only be a helper this time. So, they put me in charge of decorations. Now, I am not creative at all. Not even a tiny bit. So, I kind of found it amusing that this was my job. That, and daunting. Thankfully we have lots of other creative people at church, so I say the reason it all turned out so beautifully was because of Miss M. She is wonderful. We hung lights, posters, crepe paper, spider webs, made a scare crow, and so many other things. Someone mentioned to me that they thought it'd be cute to hang some ghosts from the lights in the foyer. Well, I didn't want to spend any more money, so I wracked my brain wondering if there was some way I could make them. Well, I had a doctor appointment downtown Clarkston a few weeks ago and noticed some ghosts that they had lining the streets downtown, and I thought about it a few minutes and came up with a plan. All I needed was supplies. Keep in mind, I am not creative at all, so to me, I was impressed. Silly, I know, believe me! HA! I found some small white balloons, some black ribbon, a black marker, and a white garbage bag. Voila, they were made.  I had my husband and another friend hang them up for me Sunday after church, and to me it just topped off the decor wonderfully. I was quite pleased. Well, as I left church on Wednesday night, I got to thinking that I didn't see the ghosts hanging on the lights. I figured I probably just didn't look up to the lights to see them, that's all. Well, when I got there the following Sunday, all 6 of them had been cut down!!! My first thought was, hmm, I wonder if it was a fire hazard or something. We do have a fire chief who attends our church, so maybe that was it. I went and asked the party coordinator if she knew what happened to them and she said no and was surprised to see they were gone. So, I went and asked the church secretary and she, too, didn't know what happened to them. Well, after speaking with my pastor, I found out that someone had come in to the church and cut them down because they didn't like them. WHAT IN THE WORLD?! They didn't even come talk to me about it. If they would have, I would've taken them down myself, no problem. Some people even refused to attend church until all the decorations were removed. Wow. Talk about disheartening. Trying to do something good for Jesus and the enemy just does all he can to destroy. I'm so sad that this turned into such an ordeal this year, but I tell you what, the enemy did NOT win! Our event was a huge success and we had more than double the people that we did last year, and overall God was glorified! I just know that I'm so thankful God didn't call me to be a pastor (or a man!). I couldn't deal with the sillyness of preferences.
Anyways, on to happier things. (I don't typically like to complain on my blog, so I'm sorry). Isabelle didn't have a Halloween costume this year. For one thing, they are RIDICULOUSLY expensive. Unreal. Also, she's too young to enjoy the holiday, so she got to watch lots of little cuties run around and get candy from our church family while being held by Mrs. A and Mr. B. She was spoiled!! She did have a little halloween shirt and socks on so she was a little festive.
On the actual Halloween date, Bob and I got to hear our littlest baby's heartbeat for the first time. It took the doctor a couple minutes to find it. I started to get nervous when he wasn't finding it. All the emotions from my miscarriage started flooding back and I found myself rushing to prepare myself for some really bad news. Then, the doctor asked me to help him out by pulling up on my stomach skin. (Nice!! nothing like having to pull up your fat roll to find the baby) and there was the heartbeat, loud and clear and strong. Tears just streamed down my face (Bob wiped them for me, so sweet!), and the doctor mentioned that Isabelle had a huge smile on her face, and Bob spoke up and asked if the doctor could tell if it was a boy by the heartbeat! haha. Anyways, it was such a special day for our family and one we won't forget....especially the fat roll part, sad to say.

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